• Hot Selling Gold Mica Powder Pigment Epoxy Resin Mica Powder For Skin

    MIRAGE Luxury Gold stands out for its impacting true gold bulk color. This 15-120 µm Borosilicate pigment is still today much sought after for luxurious sparkling effects in color cosmetics and personal care formulations.MIRAGE Sparkling Luxury Gold is vegan and COSMOS approved. The product is av...
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  • Wholesale Highlighter glitter Mica Powder Pigment Color Pearl Chrome Powder Nails There are many reasons why we are the first choice for effect pigments

    Wholesale Highlighter glitter Mica Powder Pigment Color Pearl Chrome Powder Nails  There are many reasons why we are the first choice for effect pigments:Our high sparkle, outstanding transparency and very pure colors allow for stunning effects and very good performance even at low levels of use....
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  • wholesale Coating grade high whiteness anatase TiO2rutile titanium oxide powder

    Titanium oxide (TiO2) is considered to be the best white pigment in the world at present, and is widely used in coatings, plastics, paper making, ink, chemical fiber, cosmetics and other industries. The company has more than 20 years of oxide coating technology, rich weather resistance, light res...
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  • wholesale pearl powder pigment Organic Mica Powder for wallpaper paint

    Mica pigments are widely used in wallpaper paint, which can produce color-changing effects. Its patterns and colors change with different viewing angles and light intensity to produce different color effects. Through a variety of special tools and techniques combined with different coloring proce...
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  • Wholesale Gold Pearl Chrome Powder Nails Epoxy Resin Mica Powder Pigment

    Cosmetic-grade mica materials are widely used in make-up and personal care products. Rich color combinations and silky and shiny textures help outline each person’s unique aesthetic feast. Do not define beauty, provide rich aesthetic color inspiration and emotional color concepts so that ma...
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  • Hot Selling Holographic Pigment Pearl Powder Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder

    With the changing times, the market is paying more and more attention to whether personal care products are “clean”, whether the industry is sustainable, and whether enterprises have a sense of social responsibility. Therefore, brand manufacturers and formulators are faced with a choi...
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  • Noble” in Metallic Pigments: Copper Gold Powder

    Noble” in Metallic Pigments: Copper Gold Powder

    Copper gold powder is a flake superfine metal pigment synthesized by electrolytic copper and zinc, which is mainly used in printing, dyeing, coating, plastics coloring and other industries, as well as in the spraying of household appliances and automobile shells. A major advantage of copper gold...
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  • Mica powder of industrial grade are widely used for different industrial

    Mica powder of industrial grade are widely used for different industrial

    Mica Pigments are used by industrial grade producers worldwide to meet current trends and regulatory requirements . We offers the right combination of technologies, colors and particle sizes to enable the looks and effects consumers are looking for: sparkle without plastic or natural glow, true c...
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  • Gold Foil 100sheet/Bag For Diy Craft In Epoxy Resin

    1.Gold foil The development of gold foil Foil is a thin sheet hammered out of gold.Due to its excellent ductility and plasticity, one or two (31.25 grams) of pure gold can be hammered into gold foil of 1/10,000th of a millimeter thick and 16.2 square meters in area.That is, one gram of gold can b...
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  • Development Trend Of Pigment Industry

    With the transfer of coatings, inks, plastics and other industries in the world, China’s pigment industry has developed rapidly.At present, China has become the world’s most important producer of organic pigments.Data show that in 2018, China’s dyeing and pigment industry sales ...
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  • The Company Strength Introduction

    Team building activity plan Team building activity plan First, the division of labor Commander: General Manager Trainer: Deputy General Manager Referee: Administrative Manager Second, team competition 1Ice breaking activities Time:20minutes The purpose of the activity: to break down the estrangem...
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